What Terrors May Come

What Terrors May Come is the adventure starting the heroic tier, levels 1-3. The wiki will be for articles on people, places, things, major historical events, and so on that people will be able to add to. I will also keep my personal adventure notes in the wiki.

I will keep my DM notes in the DM-only section of my adventure wiki’s (which, of course, only I can see), and I will start articles on NPCs, places, events, and so on and keep our session notes posted on the wiki up here. Being a wiki, of course, entitles the players to add to this section – I will post an official timeline/game session minutes up here, to which the players can feel free to add, and I will have a section for each individual characters thoughts and experiences below the group timeline.


The characters start off in the town of Waucheega. Waucheega is the heart of the Barony Wauchit, which is the mining and manufacturing center of the United Baronies. In particular the characters are otherwise ordinary, powerless serfs in the servitude (serf-itude?) of Baron Leopold Taulfinn.

Taulfinn is a benevolent ruler – the entire barony loves him. He genuinely cares for his subjects, and does his absolute best to maintain equality, fairness, and freedom in his barony. See his wiki page for more information on the Baron.

The characters will start off having lived their entire lives in Waucheega as distinct personalities amongst the serf population, but otherwise entirely unremarkable. But then a mining accident and a seemingly mystical phenomena awaken latent abilities – martial, divine, arcane, and primal – slumbering deep within the characters’ souls.


The adventure takes place in Waucheega, borderlands mining town, capital of Wauchit Barony in the United Baronies. A mountainous town built atop a vast mining network, a town filled with libraries and religious temples, squeezed between the savage humanoid “civilizations” of the Frozen North and the United Baronies to the south. Apparently extraplanar rifts are opening up beneath the town.

How does the adventure start?

The adventure starts with the characters as serfs in the service of Baron Leopold Taulfinn in the town of Waucheega. Taulfinn is the benevolent lord of the small mining barony of Wauchit on the borderlands of the United Baronies. The PCs are assessing the value of a new vein when a tunnel collapses, trapping them and killing some idiot villagers. Forced to find another way out, the PCs find their way deeper into the tunnels when they discover a 40-foot glowing blue sphere of crackling energy has manifested in the middle of an older, abandoned cavern. The characters are attacked by demons apparently wounded from battle. Bathed in the glowing light of the rift and its planar winds, the players feel nauseous, and their powers manifest for the first time and they are gifted their equipment.

The PCs find themselves collapsed with exhaustion when the rescue party – along with Taulfinn himself – find their way into the mine. Taulfinn puts the characters up at his estate and pardons several of Himaaja’s crimes (although not all) with the plans of throwing them a banquet and debriefing them on the demon invasion.

In the middle of the night, the town is attacked, and Leopold is kidnapped. The characters begin fighting their way out…

What Terrors May Come

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