Woodsman and part-time miner in Waucheega


Jovian’s father was Helmut, a woodsman and scout in the employ of Baron Von Stueyben during his reign as baron of Waucheega. Jovian’s moteher was a half-elf maiden named Vareena whom Helmut had rescued one day during one of the coldest winters in recorded history.

Jovian family was well off since they his father was in the employ of Von Stueyben and had a nice home and plenty of food on the table a few miles from the town in the forested hinterlands. The family would winter in the keep, and one winter when Jovian was nine years old, his mother died.

Stueyben had gotten quite drunk one evening and took Vareena to his bed against her wishes. The event was so traumatic that she killed herself the next day from the pain. Helmut took Jovian and stormed out of the keep cursing Von Stueyben and vowing revenge.

Helmut enlisted a group of peasants and woodsmen to his cause and fought a guerilla war against the baron for a year before they were corned and executed. Von Stueyben personally slit Helmut’s throat for the betrayal.

This turned the populace even furhter against the baron and led to the ‘bloodless’ of coup of Baron Taulfinn. The milita who had committed crimes were tried and either executed or banished from the barony, and Taulfinn took over as baron.

He made sure that Jovian had a home and was taught, but Jovian preferred to stay in the wilds when he could. He had been taught woodcraft well by his father and he practiced his skills over the years becoming one of the best scouts and woodmen in the land.

Jovian is aloof towards uncivilized people like orcs and goliaths, and begrudges his friendship with Lil’ Jon. He prefers his space and is distrustful of strangers.


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