Prolyxa Aloutta

gabby halfling bard


HALFLING BARD: Virtue of Valor

Str : 9 (-1) __ Con : 16 (3) __ Dex : 10 (0) __ Int : 14 (2) __ Wis : 10 (0) __ Cha : 19 (4) __

HP: 28 _ bloodied: 14HP _ speed: 6

Healing surge: 7 _ surges per day: 10 _ initiative: 0

AC : 16 Fort : 13 Ref : 13 Will : 15

Equipment - Chain Mail - Short bow

Feats -improved majestic word

Skills acrobatics : 2 arcana : 7 athletics : -1 bluff : 9 diplomacy : 9 dungeoneering : 1 endurance : 3 heal : 1 history : 9 insight : 1 intimidate : 5 nature : 1 perception : 1 religion : 3 stealth : 0 streetwise : 9 thievery : 3


Prolyxa’s family, the Alouttas, are descended from a once-great ad powerful halfling noble family, the Brandywines. The family grew and spread far and wide over many generations and at some point, got so thinly spread, there was hadrly inheritance to speak of. She and her immediate family are now serfs in the mining town of Wacheega. The only thing of value her family now has is a genealogy book of the Brandywines that her grandmother copied (from a copy of a copy…) before they moved to the mountains. She knows this book in and out and has collected a great number of old family stories from generations back that she is always telling with great enthusiasm (and sometimes exaggeration). her great uncle Merric Flouta also has a small plot of land that is technically Prolyxa’s, but it is in a distant village that she doesn’t ever expect to see. She is the oldest of 7, and very protective of her siblings. Her younger sister Terran is working in the towns bustling brothel – not something her parents are thrilled about, as they often remind the sisters – but Prolyxa places her trust in Little Jon to watch out for Terran when she cannot. Jovian is something of a fascination of hers – and part of one of her favorite stories to tell about Wacheega – and she might one day get up the courage to ask him to teach her how to use a bow. She works in the mine year round as an air shaft digger, and passes the day by endlessly talking to anyone and anything.

Prolyxa Aloutta

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