Welcome to Dreams of the Nightshard

This campaign is still in planning, and will be starting Oct 23 or 24. D&D 4th Ed game, standard hack-n-slash, high-adventure, high-arcana type of game, hopping across the planes to repair the fabric of reality. Roleplaying is encouraged.

The way this is going to work is the following. Important NPCs will each have their own page under the NPC Tracker tab – I think players can create their own NPC tabs, type up what they know, then I can go in later, polish it up, and include secret information in the GM only section for my own personal edification. The Wiki will largely be a people/places/things type place – characters can create pages for whatever they like in this section and write their own wiki articles, again which I can go back and polish later.

Additionally, we will have adventure pages on the wiki. By “adventure pages,” I mean I’m going to keep all of my DM notes in a couple of wiki articles, most of the information secret in the DM-only section. As we have sessions, more stuff will become declassified for your edification. This way, I can plan ahead, keep my notes all organized. However, I’ll also be posting blog-posts on the Adventure Log tab, which will be reserved for making campaign announcements to the players, as well as giving run-downs on sessions as they happen. In other words, the minutes of our meetings will be posted as a blog, filled with links to background information stored on the wiki. I also think characters can contribute their own blog posts, so I’m not necessarily going to be the only one blogging.

Dreams of the Nightshard

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