Town Statistics and Demographics

Waucheega’s population is 600 (up from 450 in the past year). 37% human, 17% dwarf, 10% tiefling, 9% dragonborn, 5% halfling, 22% various. Militia service is mandatory for every able-bodied man and woman, two days a month. The militia typically has 15-20 members on active duty at any given time, mostly newcomers to the town as work in the mines is high-paying and the town will not share its wealth with newcomers unless they have put in a certain number of hours in as a guard.

Most of the town are powerless peasants, although a handful of people – around 15 in the entire town – have some kind of power or ability granted from martial training, divine inspiration, arcane research, or primal connections with the earth.

Waucheega’s primary exports are iron, bronze, tin, silver, copper, gold, timber, venison, poppies, wheat, and precious gems. Of the United Baronies, Wauchit is the smallest but wealthiest per-capita, and provide iron and steel to the other Baronies.


Waucheega is a small mining town, the capital of a very small barony, Wauchit, nestled in the mountains between the savage uncivilized lands of barbaric gnolls, orcs, goliaths, giants, and the like – the Frozen North – and the civilization brought to the south by the United Baronies.

Once ruled by an evil tyrant, Baron Von Schteuybin, Waucheega was a more stereotypical serfdom. The serfs were treated terribly, and Von Schteuybin collected all the wealth coming from the town’s mines for himself and his lieutentants, among them Himaaja Uroboros Winterheath and Baron Leopold Taulfinn. In what turned out to be a bloodless coup, his lieutenants, led by Leopold, overthrew Schteuybin, held him to trial for his crimes against the people, and he was executed.

Succeeding Von Schteuybin was Leopold Taulfinn, who immediately began treating the peasants better. Every peasant received a share of the profit from the mine, and the town began to prosper. The newfound prosperity led the town to vastly increase the size of its mines until last year, when a new vein of gold and precious gems was discovered. Over the past year, people have flocked from all over the continent to get in on the action.

Points of Interest

Taulfinn’s mansion

Baron Leopold Taulfinn has an exquisite mansion, one that actually has a floorplan more typical of a religious temple than a mansion, in the dead center of town, which serves as a fortress in times of seige. Also serves as the headquarters of the town militia, headed up by Luther Kotfiel

The mines

The mine entrance, of course, is a major point of town traffic, and there is actually a large underground hub of activity in a 90-foot-tall cavern almost directly under Taulfinn’s mansion. The Pit Boss, Shinra Telley, has her center of operations in this cavern. An even newer vein of gold and gems, richer than all the rest, has been recently discovered.

Meloran Temple

A temple to Melora has been constructed on the edge of town, in the care of Frere Vartlog. The temple has a very impressive library, a collection largely put together by Taulfinn and the wealth brought to the town by the mines.

Hunters’ Screen

Dianna Martheesh, Ranger of Sehanine, has a hunters screen several miles outside of town in a river valley blessed by Sehanine. She has a tendency to act as an advance recon scout for the town, as it is extremely difficult to aproach Waucheega without being noticed except through her valley.

Red Light Bar and Restaurant

Brothel run by Mistress Vox, perhaps the most popular hangout spot in town. Little John is a bouncer there, and Prolyxa Aloutta’s sister is a working girl there.


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