Red Light Bar and Restaurant

This Bohemian establishment is employee owned and operated. Falling in line with the ideals of Baron Leopold Taulfinn, the operation works as a collective. Each girl, while retaining 90% of their profits, contributes 10% of their earnings towards a kick ass group health insurance policy that all employees of the establishment share in and towards utilities and maintenance fees for the establishment (including the bouncer’s salary).

The facility is divided into two main venues. The first is the bar/restaurant where the local miners can meet up, enjoy a drink with some hearty food and mingle with the girls. The second is the house of pleasure where anyone who wishes to partake of the carnal services offered at the establishment may do so in the privacy of a secluded boudoir complete with a bed and bathroom (bed straps optional).

The bar has every beer imaginable on tap. The beer is served in huge steins and comes in no less than a full pint. The food is hot, savory and cheap, and will fill even the most famished belly. The girls come in 3 flavors: 1) midget, 2) leather clad dominatrix and 3) curious farm girl.

If you’re thirsty, hungry or horny then this is the place for you.

Red Light Bar and Restaurant

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