Himaaja Uroboros Winterheath

A fallen Paladin, searching for truth and honor


Himaaja once lived in Waucheega where, after reaching adulthood, he was stationed as a bodyguard for Baron von Schteuybin, unaware of the evils perpetrated against the serfs. Even when he discovered von Schteuybin’s true colors, Himaaja stayed his post, convinced his devotion to his clan’s orders meant silencing his convictions. When the revolt that killed [Jovian’s father] occurred 17 years ago, Himaaja made a pact to his dying friend to protect his son, Jovian, from harm. In the weeks that followed, Himaaja struggled with his conflicting values of duty and righteousness, and was forced out of town as Baron Leopold Taulfinn overthrew the regime. Years passed as Himaaja wandered the borderlands of the Frozen North; too proud to return to his birthhome of Niffel, and too ashamed to assume his duties to his honor-bound. Two weeks ago, his father, Lyod, discovered him ‘by chance’ in Viphex, a seedy wilderness town: drunk, disheveled, and one snide comment away from being thrown out on his ass. Lyod admonished him and gave him an ultimatum: redeem himself in the eyes of the clan or face death. He instructed Himaaja to follow and report back on a stranger, a human named Dion Yarville, who seemed to be a perfectly ordinary beggar…bound for Waucheega. By the time Himaaja realized Lyod had tricked him into facing his past by returning to this forsaken town it was too late to turn back.

Most people of Waucheega know Himaaja, but few people care for him because of his prior connections with Baron von Schteuybin regime. Actually, he has a pretty bad reputation wherever he goes in the area, from small farmsteads to wilderness hamlets. He tends to stay away from larger cities, as smaller towns are more desperate for a farmhand, a ditch-digger, an undertaker, or what have you. His modus operandi has been to lay low in a new town for a few weeks, get to know a few bartenders, do menial work for awhile and become bored/haunted by his past, which makes him want to fight, and maybe die. Humans would categorize it as “depression” but Dragonborn would call this loss-of-honor syndrome “opprobrium”.

Currently, Himaaja is disheveled, with slightly rusted armor, loose scales and molting that he does not attend to, and a foul breath from a poor diet. His original color was a dull silver, which has turned grey and lackluster with years of disrepair. He may wear a stained white cowl to hide his shame, though it just makes him look more intimidating to those who cannot read Dragonborn faces. He has lost many of his powers from his fall from grace. Though he walks slowly and deliberately, he is still quick to act when provoked.

It is common for the Winterheath clan to send their sons into the world to foster better relations with the children of men, and to arrange their first few years after becoming an adult (15 yrs). His father hoped he had instilled the values he needed to recognize unjust law and to stand up against it when he gave Himaaja his first post. Lyod knew of the villainous actions of von Schteuybin, and was counting on his son to instigate a revolt. The failure was both Himaaja’s and his fathers, and they both have paid for it within the clan. There is an unseen side of Lyod that belies his pragmatic sensibilities. He is involved in something more sinister and overreaching than he lets on.

He dislikes social interactions, but knows he must enter into them to get what he wants. He despises those who talk too much and are frivolous (Prolyxa). He can see a comrade in Lil’ John because of their similar heritage, but will have trouble dealing with his ‘highest bidder’ side, and may often note that he “wonders how a human of his size can stand straight without a backbone.” Irony at its best. He is, in a word, uneasy around Jovian. He is highly critical of Jovian’s actions and demeanor, but only because he feels guilty for not teaching him correctly. He respects his father, Lyod, and fails to see any of his flaws. He does not yet have a drive, a reason to keep living, and though he appears to blame others for his mistakes, he knows deep down he is the only one at fault. Possibly a mysterious outside force may wake the sleeping beast…

Himaaja’s charge is to pull himself out of the mental abyss he is in right now and learn to come to grips with his past. His generally seedy past is filled with old debtors, disgusted clansmembers, and a mysterious father. The quest for redemption from his god and country lies in his future.

Notes on the names:

Lyod: Russian for ‘ice’.

Niffel: from Niflheim, Norse land of frost.

Himaaja: from Himaja, Sanskrit for “from the Himalayas”

Uroboros: the serpent which eats its own tail, popular in alchemy. This is his family name.

Winterheath: a mainly silver Dragonborn clan, whose motto can be roughly translated to “to serve and protect”

Brittlebrow: this is a childhood name. It indicates his inflexibility to compromise, improvise, or otherwise think for himself, which makes him brittle and easy to break. This is a degrading nickname to use, now that he is in his adulthood. He will only take it from his father or other senior clan members.

Himaaja Uroboros Winterheath

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