Terran Aloutta

Prolyxa's sister


bonuses to charisma while dancing


Terran is a working girl in Wacheega’s red light pub. She chose to go into the brothel when she was 17 because her only other option was to work in the mines, and she has a deathly fear of going underground. But she was a good dancer and flirt, and once she saw the kind of cash she could make there was no going back for her. The Aloutta family was in an outrage over this for several months, but Prolyxa stood by her little sister and was the family diplomat between Terran and the parents. She made Terran promise to stay safe, and with Little Jon to back her up the family is now on speaking terms again. Now, whenever she can Prolyxa drops in to check on her little sis, and asks little Jon to keep an eye on her.

Terran Aloutta

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