Dreams of the Nightshard

First session

In which I shamelessly railroaded you bastards…

Himaaja rolls into town, following Yolando Notcalrissian at the behest of his father, to protect – within bounds of Himaaja’s own safety – the poor idiot. Yolando and two of his buddies – Carl (Marks), a dwarf, and Levi, a tiefling, all complete morons – sign up for some mining work to assess the value of a newly discovered vein, and Himaaja joins them to fulfill his mission. Prolyxa and Jovian happen to sign up for the same assignment.

Yolando and the idiots, along with Prolyxa and Himaaja head to the Red Light Bar and Restaurant for some entertainment. Himaaja is recognized by the bartender and asked to leave, which he does grudgingly. After paying homage to Melora (i.e. tries to get with Brie, the priestess of Melora after which he has lusted for years; unfortunately she was very ill and could not see him), Jovian is ready to measure the worth of Waucheega’s newest vein of ore, and seeks out his newfound allies (or rather, colleagues).

Everyone heads on out to the mine, and start working on the new gold vein. The tunnels start to collapse, killing Yolando and the idiots instantly, leaving Jovian, Prolyxa, and Himaaja in the tunnels with a strange glowing blue light. A rift emanating the sound of battle has opened up to another plane of existence. Six insectile demons are thrown through the rift and menace the heroes, who dispatch of them easily. So terrified of his foes, one demon hurls himself to his death through the rift rather than face them.

Jovian, Prolyxa, and Himaaja rapidly begin to feel woozy after the battle. A planar wind, hot and sulfurous, pours through the rift and over their bodies, sickening them. Jovian sees a vision of waves and autumn leaves swirling about him, the essence of the hunter hidden in every movement and the power of nature pumping through his veins; Prolyxa feels an overwhelming urge to reveal the arcane secrets of the universe, a song of discovery filling her heart; Himaaja sees a vision of platinum dragon scales enclosing him like a constrictor snake, an ineffable sadness of his past actions overtakes him, and a compulsion for justice floods his mind.

They awake from their visions with strange new powers and equipment given to them by their gods. They immediately collapse in exhaustion as a rescue team, headed up by Baron Taulfinn himself, breaks into the tunnel.

Three days later, they awake in Waucheega’s infirmary in the basement of Baron Taulfinn’s estate. Taulfinn informs the party they have effectively saved the town – by slaying the demons who were coming through the rift, they very likely destroyed a reconnaissance team from “the other side.” Although three miners – the idiots – died in the accident, three – Jovian, Prolyxa, and Himaaja – survived and saved the town, leaving Taulfinn no choice but to pardon many (but not all) of Himaaja’s past crimes against Waucheega, and to hold a feast in their honor. They are shown to their guest rooms – plush, glorious rooms with velvet tapestries and thick rugs, the sort of comfort only a halfling can truly appreciate. Himaaja takes a brief trip down to the mine to check out the site of the incident.

It appears as if the rift was not fully closed; the rift-room’s walls are glowing blue, as if they were reflecting light, but with no light source.

Himaaja returns to his room for rest. In the middle of the night, an explosion awakes the heroes. Looking out the window, the characters see dark figures clad in both light and shadow, both fire and ice, swarming across the town; the figures break into homes and drag families into the street and toward the mines. The heroes begin to leave the estate only to be confronted by a team of devils – not demons – blocking their path. Somewhere in the back of Prolyxa’s mind, a half-remembered story is itching to break free.

Something about a war between demons and devils.



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